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Wine is made to be enjoyed, over dinner, over conversations, at parties, and at social events. The great thing about wine is that you can experience it at whatever level you want, from simple enjoyment to traveling and touring to avid collecting. The range of wine types and styles available is rapidly growing at the country level with wines available from Australia to Chile to France to the USA. Within the US, wines can be found regionalized from California’s famed valleys such as Sonoma and Napa Valley to Washington State to Colorado to the doorstep of your community.

You can now gather information on joining a wine club, buy it online directly from the vineyard, schedule a tour of wineries at home or abroad, read recommended wine/food pairings all via your desktop. A vast collection of wine information is available at your fingertips.  Use this wine guide as a starting point in your growing love affair with the distinguished grape!

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